Free COVID-19 Simulation


Holographic Standardized Patient Application Free for HoloLens 2

3D Healthcare Simulation 

Safe, Effective, True-to-Life Training for the Front Line. 

Healthcare workers and student globally can access HoloPatient: COVID-19 application for free using Microsoft HoloLens 2. Photo-realistic volumetric video of standardized patients allows you to recognize signs and symptoms of the illness to safely determine care and escalation planning for real-life treatment.

Groundbreaking features include: 

  • Holographic simulations of symptoms through four stages of the virus
  • Hand-tracking range to move, reposition, and interact with holographic patients
  • Vitals Panel and Patient Information displays showing patient monitoring data
  • Voiceover guidance, voice-command operations, and pause/repeat functionality
  • Tools and tips to make the app easy for learners to use 

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SIT Applies HoloPatient: COVID-19 to Train Nurses

GIGXR customer Karyn Madden, Nursing Program Manager at Southern Institute of Technology, has been using our flagship application HoloPatient for several years, which takes students through 15 different pathologies. She is now using HoloPatient: COVID-19 to train and educate the institute’s nursing students.



Southern Institute of technology


“Having mixed reality training applications from XR leaders like GIGXR ensures our nurses have the latest learning and technology for the safest training methods in preparation for treating this pandemic.”



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